Choose Between Our Two RX Return Packages
Complete Rx Returns

Complete Rx Returns

For all your Pharmaceutical needs.


At Complete Rx our customers get the following services with every package choice.

  • Free Shipping labels to and from our facility
  • Detailed reports of all legend drugs received in every return, including control reports and full explanation on all non-returnable items.
  • Customer inventory is not required.
  • Free storage of in dated items, whether to make room or accommodate a closing store.
  • Prompt customer service
  • Online access to all returns and reports and our inventory program
  • Real-time credit tracking for all customer issued reimbursements

Choose between our two RX Return packages.

Batch Rx Returns:

Checks are issued directly from us to you. We monitor and track all your payments. Our batch program can receive multiple payments based on the manufactures pay cycle. Payments are issued every 30 days after initial payment based on the availability of funds issued. Statements are included with every payment.

*Eligibility is based on customer wholesaler

Direct Rx Returns:

Money is issued directly to the customer from the manufacturers, either by a direct check or credit to your wholesaler. The pharmacy must monitor all their own payment and online tracking is not available. Payments are received based on the manufacture pay cycle typically starts around 4 weeks

*Complete Rx Returns makes no guarantee on items returned. Final credit determination is based on Manufacturer approval and policy. They make the final credit decision.

*Prices are updated daily for closest Estimated Return Value. All non-returnable items cannot be shipped back.

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